♥¡últimos Capítulos!♥

Yoi ni Kirameku ha

Souai Blue Marriage

Haruiro Koigokoro

Me ha Kuchi Hodo ni Ai wo Iu

Liar x Liar #26

I love You Baby #20-21-22

Gakuran #01 ¡Estreno Yaoi!

Eien no Rokka #1-3FIN

Neko-Kissa #1-2FIN


If you are not a spanish group, and you want to translate our projects in another language, please contac us for email: pigrabbitscans.adm@gmail.com or send a message to our fanpage on Facebook.

We can give the permission for retranslate our projects o share our scans of magazines.

And please following this rules:

1- Please, do verify that no other group has already asked to retranslate the project you are asking for.

2-DO NOT eliminate any of the credit images and watermarks. Beside, you should also include a credit page stating that we've given permission to your group and our website.

3-If you request permission for a manga that we are already already translating from English, you must ask for the propper permission from the original English translation group before contacting us. If not, the permission will be denied.

4- If any breach of these rules is noticed, we will remove the permit. 

5-When asking us about any of our projects, please make sure to include the following information:
-Translation group name:
 -Manga you wish to work on:
 -Language you wish to translate to:

Retranslation Log.
Please Check this link

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